The Ecological Finca

The Finca Cruz Chica belonged to the Horch family, but nowadays is opened for travelers. And just because in La Palma life takes place in open spaces mostly, 3000 square meters of tropical gardens are the greatest highlights for our guests.

You cannot just go for a walk, but you can also take fresh fruits. Due to Thekla Horch’s disagreement for using poison, and her sons paying attention to their mom’s organic philosophy today, the farm is completely ecologic.

Lots of mangos grow up in The Finca Cruz Chica, both mangos and manga. Volker and his wife Gladys make jam, freeze the yellow aromatic bombs of juice and dry them. Sometimes the trees are so full that the couple have to give away the fruits because their pantry was about to blow out. This is a suggestion for our guests: “You can also use mangos in milkshakes and cocktails, which is really delicious.

The Finca Cruz Chica’s avocadoes also have culinary uses. The Hass, Fuerte and Del País varieties are available. Here is another tip: If you want to buy avocadoes in shops and markets, you should say “aguacate”, because when Palmeros hear the word “avocado”, they will think that you want to buy a “lawyer” (as the equivalent in Spanish of “lawyer” is “abogado”).

Back to The Finca Cruz Chica’s garden, it is impossible for us to list everything that grows here. So here we have some key points: oranges, pomegranates, wine, Bougainvillea plants in different colours, the elegant Strelitzia and palm trees, palms … Currently Volker creates an ecological garden for our guests, so they can taste natural products.

Last but not least: There are not dangerous animals in La Palma. You can see that in The Finca Cruz Chica, although many lizards flit by the walls, but they are inoffensive. There are salamanders behind refrigerators mainly. We feel happy when we see these little animals with adhesive feet. These not only hunt flies and mosquitoes, but they also bring luck!