Our short story...

¡Bienvenido – Willkommen – Welcome to The Cruz Chica vacation complex!

The Horch family lived in where friends spend their holidays today.

Ludwig Horch built the main house and the country house next to it in 1982 for his family and they were very happy here. Nowadays, the three sons are in charge of the complex, but especially Volker, he is the only one from the siblings that still lives in the island.

Volker’s wife is the boss; she takes care of sheets and towels for the guests and she also prepares a cot on request. Gladys, who is from La Palma, has learned a little bit of German because of Volker.

The residence has rural and distant neighbors in Campitos road number 5, beyond the town of La Laguna, in the sunny west side of La Palma. There is a little path in Cruz Chica; one direction takes you to Los Llanos, and the other one to Las Manchas. Considering the remote location of the house, Volker has set up strongboxes and security cameras all over the place. “The guests can use the cameras outside as well if they are worried.”

Volker is waiting for your visit: Our parents always wanted the farm to be a focal point for us and made an effort in order to reach that. We would like to continue that with our sons

That is why we are open for suggestions, commentaries or special wishes from our guests.

Who we are...

Susanne Schütte

Hobbies: Travelling...

Occupation: Doctor of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

I am the oldest daughter and I live in the region of Ruhr with my husband. Our sons have left the house, as they are studying at the university. I come from a first marriage and stayed with the family until 1972 and after that I returned to Germany. Referring to my visits, I have developed a distance relationship with the Canary Islands and that kind of experience embellishes my limits…

Monika Horch

Hobbies: Reading, travelling…...

Occupation: Nun, teacher and boss

Volker Horch

Hobbies: Agriculture, Cycling, Swimming, Paddle tennis and cooking.

Occupation: Real estate agent

I have been living in La Palma since 1973, but I spent 10 years in Germany, in order to complete my academic training on business management, and after that I came back to La Palma. In this place I found my wife and my ideal job. As the time passes by, I love this island a little bit more…

Susanne Schütte

Vielleicht wurde damals der Grundstein für meine Freude am Reisen, die Neugierde im Blick auf andere Sitten und Gebräuche und eine Toleranz dem Fremden gegenüber gelegt. Im Alter von 10 Jahren, als die Reise an sich noch ein Abenteuer war, und als niemand die "Insel der Glückseligen" kannte, war ich zum ersten Mal auf La Palma. Ich erinnere mich an klare Luft, Kiefernduft, blaugrünes Meer mit Schaumkronen, Manzanilla (Kamillentee), Bienmesabe, Ziegenkäse, palmerische Folklore - und herzliche Gastfreundschaft, Reitminderung, Sinnesvertiefung und Entspannung. Nicht zu vergessen die Erinnerungen an Wandern in der Caldera, Fröschequaken, Muränenfang… Aus der Entfernung habe ich den Zusammenbruch des Franco-Regimes, die Liberalisierung und die nationale Rebesinnung miterlebt und konnte beobachten, wie unberührt die Insel in der Tiefe dieser Strömungen überdauert hat und ihr Gesicht behalten konnte. Mit meinen kleinen Kindern war ich häufig dort, heute sind die Besuche seltener geworden, bleiben aber ein wichtiges Stück Familiengeschichte. Besuchern der Insel wünsche ich ähnlich friedvolle und erfüllende Erfahrungen, wie ich sie selbst machen konnte und grüsse herzlich aus der Betriebsamkeit einer Ruhrmetropole.